EnergyLedger is a complete solution.

Blockchain Technologies Corp. and are working together to modernize every facet of the energy industry using blockchain and smart contracts.

Cutting Edge Blockchain

Modernizes oil and gas production, supply chain management and shipping processes with tailored blockchain technology solutions that adapt the world's most reliable and secure digital platform.

Streamlined Logistics

Everything is accounted for, automatically. Smart contracts seamlessly mediate transactions between all parties. All balances are securely settled in real time.

Full Support

The EnergyLedger team is committed to providing tailor made, custom solutions. We build the system to meet the needs of the specific situation and stand by it with concierge on-site support.

Compliance & Security

With assets changing hands and machinery that requires auditing, security and compliance are of the utmost importance. EnergyLedger is designed from the ground up to be secure against both data loss and tampering.

Cost Savings

Estimated cost savings from using a blockchain-based system are upwards of 5% annually across the board compared to the current systems in place.

Smart contract system leverages secure, reliable data oracles using technology developed by

The future is blockchain. It is difficult to find a large company today that has not begun or announced plans to investigate and implement blockchain technology in their business. While the increased security, efficiency, and transparency (where it matters) of blockchain can be very exciting, it can also be overwhelming figuring out how to even get started. EnergyLedger is a project created by leading industry experts Blockchain Technologies Corp. that leverages all of the advantages of cutting edge blockchain and smart contract technology, tailor made to the specific needs of the energy industry. CEO Nick Spanos has been developing custom blockchain solutions since before most even heard the term. He brings an unrivaled level of expertise and industry contacts.

Using blockchain technology you are able to create a “token” which represents a claim on future oil taken out of the ground.

The borderless world wide (permissionless?) reach of cryptocurrency allows you to not only offer a stake in the future profit of this oil/gas deposit but also enables a free market for byers to enter the offering at any time. Think of it like a futures contract that anyone is able to buy or sell at any time and the transfer and ownership (settlement) is all handled by the blockchain for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional methods.

Best of all its highly secure and transfers are instant and nearly free.

Enter Zap’s bonding curves technology. Early backers get a larger reward in return for higher risk they take on with an unknown site. The funds raised will fund the drilling/exploration of the deposit.

It’s like a decentralized worldwide Kickstarter for the energy industry all powered by Zap smart contract technology.

In The Press

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Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine

“Saudi Arabia is kicking the tires, and that’s huge. As part of their ambitious Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia as a whole is doing everything it can to modernize and diversify their economy. It means they’re open to doing things differently — and to doing big things with blockchain,”

Unlock Blockchain

Unlock Blockchain

"Their EnergyLedger project is customizing blockchain solutions that private industry and governments can use to smooth out the supply chain, slash arbitration and clearing costs, and nearly eliminate tangled backroom trading and accounting offices."

Eye of Riyadh

Eye of Riyadh

"In a globally-connected economy, the impact of transitioning to blockchain technology is expected to be profound and turn any industry on its head -- particularly the oil industry."

Sputnik International

Sputnik International

"Aramco officials predicted that these next-generation smart contracts will soon play a 'huge role' in the future of the Saudi energy market."

The Merkle

The Merkle

"Zap, for example, allows real-world events and data to be used to trigger specific smart contract-based actions. This could open up a lot of new business opportunities, including the trading of energy in a peer-to-peer fashion."



"The existing oil infrastructure - flow meters, pipelines, barrels, tanks, terminals and trucks - are tied into the Internet of Things and onto the blockchain, via's oracles."

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